Other Interests

A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.   -Louis Nizer

Visual and Utility art:

Back in the day, I was an art minor.  I love art for art's sake, but am also a big fan of utility art, particularly when it means creating something out of someone else's trash (i.e. chairs found by the dumpster), because. . .RECYCLE!!  :)

**Nerd Alert: I've collected stamps since 5th grade.  Some of these photos are gifts made for friends/family using stamps (and sometimes trinkets) that represent aspects about them personally (i.e. $.05 Shakespeare for theatre friends, States/countries they've lived in, etc).

Animal love:

You may regret asking me about pets.  Former pets include dogs, cats, anoles, a veiled chameleon, a White's Australian Tree Frog, a guinea pig, and a beta fish. . . not all of those were by choice.  Even my current pet was acquired unintentionally when a former co-worker's grandma's cat had kittens; knowing my chameleon had recently died, she brought it in for me to just "meet".  Phebe is now almost 16 and the proud owner of one, Amy J. Johnson.


Phebe's fav pic with FDR.


A friend sent me this screenshot from the PAWS Instagram site.  I am a weekly Level 3 volunteer at PAWS Medical Center and usually work with Dogs. This is me in "TLC", which means hanging out with sick dogs & cats stuck in isolation and why I'm wearing a gown and gloves.  That little wiggle-worm is a dog, if you can't tell.  One of my favorite aspects of volunteering with PAWS (besides lots of dog time) is the variety of opportunities like Intake-rescue missions (driving to other states to pick up dogs & cats who would otherwise be euthanized or living in poor conditions), working with lower-income communities in Chicago, and Dog Training classes, which I do about twice a month.  I've been with PAWS for about 5 years and counting.  :)

Other hobbies and interests:
ASL; I stopped acting for about 5 years in my 30's and thought about becoming an American Sign Language interpreter.  Along the way, I discovered I loved the culture and the language, but wasn't in love with interpreting for a profession.  I met unbelievable people and try to practice. Currently, I'm in an ASL book club that meets monthly (over zoom-- like all group things these days).

Biking and exercise; I used to LOVE my gym classes and miss that atmosphere.  Sadly with the pandemic, I dropped my membership --so thank the gods for YouTube!  I'm happy to share my favorite YouTube instructors.


Seeing films, live music and theatre (please let that happen again in 2021!!), travelling, kayaking, hiking-- anything outdoors.

Needless Knowledge:
I can roll my tongue upside-down. 

I love whistling and have attempted concertos with said whistle. 

Hopefully, a hoarding intervention isn't needed. . .yet, but I collect random things like pennies, did someone mention stamps (?), postcards, and quotes like this one:

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. -Rose Franken, author and playwright (28 Dec 1895-1988)