Gonna be real. . .I’ve had every intention of updating monthly, but this never happens. . .why? Because I insist on doing this crazy theatre stuff, so I’ve always got about 5 part-time jobs and am memorizing a ridiculous amount of lines at all times. BUT! I’m happy and busy and still get to see my boyfriend (I have one!!) and volunteer weekly at PAWS to hang with some dogs, so it is what it is, until it changes. . . :)

Currently, the lines that have been filling my head are as an understudy for Alice in Mosquitoes by Lucy Kirkwood at Steep Theatre. I can’t say enough about how much I love this play and Steep Theatre company is killing it. It’s always weird being an understudy; part of me would love the opportunity to step in (currently, there are no scheduled performances), but it’s a complicated show and part of me could do without the intense hit-by-a-train-while-running-from-a-tornado feeling you get as an understudy in a complicated play. Either way, I get to keep my acting muscles sharp while I’m between projects.

In August, I was in Bechdel Fest 7 with Broken Nose Theatre Company. It was a blast! I worked with lovely talented women and watched some AMAZING performances from other talented women. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Also in August, I had a brilliant workshop with AJ Links of PR Casting. I cannot recommend it enough to an actor in Chicago; this class was offered at the Acting Studio in Chicago, but I’ve also seen the class offered at Vagabond.

Finally, I have a new secret identity!! I’ve started narrating books under Carolyn A. Lee. I’ve only got 2 under this new name so far, but I’m working on it. . .if and when I get time to audition for audiobooks. Hopefully a new one is around the corner!

And always. . .Auditions, auditions. . .more auditions. . .


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