Whew. . .it’s been awhile since I’ve updated!

Next up: I could not be more excited to be performing in Bechdel Fest 7 with Broken Nose Theatre Company. We’ll be doing 4 shows in August 25th-28th at the Steppenwolf 1700 space. This festival consists of “new short plays featuring female-identifying and nonbinary characters talking about things other than men”. Having seen Jillian Leff’s play, Small World at The New Colony last spring, I am thrilled to be in her short play and working amongst brilliant ladies in the process.

I am also pleased to be joining Steep Theatre as an understudy in the first show of their next season; Mosquitoes by Lucy Kirkwood. I have become a huge fan of Lucy Kirkwood and Steep Theatre was my very first full production in Chicago, when they were in their infancy. They are almost a completely new company (with 2 original, and beloved, members) , so I am delighted to be working with them again.

Also in August, I’m totally looking forward to a workshop with AJ Links of PR Casting. I believe in keeping fresh in all areas of acting and my film/TV work feels like it’s fallen behind. Hoping to change that soon, especially as all the new shows are filming again.

Finally, I have a new secret identity!! I’ve started narrating books under Carolyn A. Lee. I’ve only got 2 under this new name so far, but I’m working on it!!

And always. . .Auditions, auditions. . .more auditions. . .


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