Birthdays. . .


It's two days before my birthday, so naturally, my anxiety is through the roof as it always is this time of year.  So, I'm focusing on the things I am grateful for to ease myself into another year-- and luckily, there's plenty.  :)


* I'm in a staged reading!  I'm very excited to be one of the two complex characters in Gideon's Knot by Johnna Adams, working under the deft directorial eye of my friend & theatre colleague, Margaret Knapp.  We've had an usually large amount of rehearsals for a staged reading, but it's through a college and I'm acting with one of her students-- so it feels like a free scene-study class; keeping up my acting skills.  It's been a cathartic and enjoyable experience.

Audiobook News:

* Last week, I finished narrating: World Dominating Leadership for Women by Danielle Lavallee Wasson & Nathalie Sasseville, for their publishing company, Yellow Rouge Publishing.  I was thrilled when they offered me their 3rd book after working on their first two.  I can't wait for it's release!

* In October, I took a Masterclass with PJ Ochlan & Deyan Audio featuring Gina White of Podium!  I chose a mystery/thriller excerpt and the feedback was terrific.  I'll be taking another Masterclass in the future!

* In December, I'll be working with Carol Monda on a project that's been on my mind for over a year now.  It's not yet in audio, but I've been approaching the right's holder and hope they'll agree it should be in libraries with the hard copy (with me as the narrator, of course!).

* I FINALLY MADE IT INTO SPEEDDATING!  It was a fast 2 minutes, but so nice to have a chance to introduce myself to that many professionals in the industry at once.  Now they have a face to add to my e-mail updates. 

* In August, I was a moderator for a Studio Jam with the Kauffherr Center (the SAG-AFTRA local center) for audiobooks!  It was exciting to work with some local actors interested in narration.  Our Chicago SAG-AFTRA local is how I got my start; attending workshops at the Kauffherr Center several years ago, so I was delighted to give back.


* In October, I was thrilled to participate in a local SAG-AFTRA conservatory with casting director Jenn Noyes of Karge Ross Casting of Chicago.  The focus was on auditioning for sci-fi and now I'm ready for any and ALL sci-fi please!

* NEW DEMO REEL!!! (on my home page).  I signed up for a demo camp with The Forge to get some new footage.  They were organized and professional-- I highly recommend it to Chicago actors looking to update or add footage for Casting Directors to see your work.  A professional colleague/friend assisted in cutting the 6 minutes of footage down to the meat of what is useful, i.e. "short" for a CD's limited time.  I added some of my professional TV scenes to tie in a little street-cred and I'm really happy with the finished product.

Hope this finds you sipping your favorite fall beverage!