My brain is 75% all about moving right now-- not out of Chicago, but moving in with my partner (a first for me and my cat!), so finding the right place for all of us, specifically keeping a recording space in mind, is like a part-time job.  I'll be glad when we've signed a lease!

Yesterday, I was let go of a "hold" for a role in a TV show that shoots in AUSTRALIA!  It was disappointing, but I have to say I was very proud to have gotten that far-- I got the audition at 11am, found a live reader, studied a Cajun accent, learned the meaning & how to say a few French phrases, memorized the script, costume/lighting/sound/edited and turned in by 4:30 (it was due at 5).  It was for an L.A. office, so I'm sure I had some competition, thus I am thankful for the recognition.


I am grateful for my recent work with Findaway Voices!!  It's a fantastic fiction novel by Sheila Grinell:  The Contract.  It was partially set in Saudi Arabia, so there were many variations of Arabic accents to study, but that is one of my favorite parts of narrating.  Looking forward to it's release!

In other audiobook news, Ellipsis by Kristy McGinnis was released in April and is doing very well, for which I had no doubts. This is her debut novel and is among the best books I've had the privilege to narrate thus far.  

Another debut,  The Wanderlings by Hoyt Hallford, was released in May.  This YA Fantasy was a blast to narrate.   Give me a dragon queen any day!  

Looking over the past year and a half, I'm thankful for YouTube workouts, Sunday family zooms, Happy Hour zooms with friends, ASL Book Club zooms, zoom classes and webinars with The Forge and The Acting Studio, narration coaching with Sean Pratt and Tanya Eby, being asked by ALL 5 Chicago casting companies (that I'm aware of) to submit self-tapes to their awesome projects, volunteering with PAWS and Representative Will Guzzardi (delivering PPE to seniors & organizing community vaccinations); finally, last but not least, my boyfriend and loyal (albeit cranky) cat for getting me through it.

Hoping this finds you happy and calmly chugging your favorite beverage!