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Mid-summer. . . !


​Finally, some good news!  I was cast in a short film!!  YAYYYYY!!!


I had 3 auditions for short films over the last 2 weeks.  Oddly enough, I felt least likely to be cast in this one, as it didn't feel like me.  After a discussion with the director this morning, he put those thoughts out of my head and said my audition was exactly what they had in mind for the character.  So, I guess I am right for the role.  :)

The sweetie pie we fostered in April & May became ours in June:

​We've officially become foster-fails and named her Raffi (her PAWS name was Lasagna. . . which doesn't exactly 

roll off the tongue).  We love her so much.  This is us hiking over the 4th of July in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last week--- wayyyyyyy better than watching her sadly crouch in the bathroom reacting to illegal explosions. 


Audiobook NEWS:

Current Project:  I'm on the hunt for a new audiobook project!  

New Release:  Marie Curie and the Story of Radium adapted by Grace T. Hallock from Marie Curie, A Biography by Eve Curie was released last week.  I am grateful to Karen Commins, who came across this book in the public domain, and thought of me.  Both ladies are pretty brilliant.  My first acting job in Chicago was performing the life stories of Madame Curie and Amelia Earhart (and a semester of Laura Ingalls Wilder) for kids, k-8th grade.  It was an amazing first job, so finding this book for middleschoolers (or anyone looking for a short summary) seemed a perfect fit for putting it into audio.

In June, P.J. Ochlan hosted another awesome Deyan Institute class and I was DELIGHTED to read for Jeff Tabnick of Recorded Books.  I learn as much watching & listening to my fellow classmates and their feedback, as I do reading mine.  Hopefully, I can participate in a future class.

I also had a lovely PANA meet-up with fellow narrators in PANA.  It's been such a dry year, professionally, that I can feel myself withdrawing, but staying social in smaller groups like that perks me up.

Theatre NEWS:

Adam Webster wrote a short play, not intending it to be a short play, but never finished it.  He was asked to submit a show to the latest Rhinofest (a performing arts festival that has been going on in Chicago for over 30 years) and then asked me to participate.  We teamed up with another actor we've both known for years and it was a short, creative reunion. 

TV/Film/Commercial NEWS:   

As mentioned above, I have been cast in Wreckless with Lakefront Pictures!  We shoot this coming weekend and I'm thrilled to be on set again.  

Hopefully, this finds you sipping a beverage in a nice quiet place. . . (knocking-on-wood that the fireworks have "almost" stopped in my neighborhood. . .


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