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"Patience, Danielson"


Last week, when I updated my news, I was feeling down because I hadn't heard back from an author I wanted to work with, so I tried to focus on other things and practice a little gratitude. . .

Low & behold, the author returned and I've had a few other ups.  Mr. Myagi appeared in my GenX head and reminded me to have a little patience.

Meanwhile, I've been forcing myself to learn more tech and recently bought Don Barnes' courses using my DAW, Studio One (which I've known just enough to get by for years) and Izotope, which I also finally purchased.  Normally, I happily pay my engineer, who is getting busier these days.  I want to know how to master short books or other personal projects, like public domain books.  My learning curve scales Mt. Everest. . . I'll need more patience.



I've been lucky to perform in a lot of mock trials lately, which is acting work I really enjoy.  Last week, we provided a means for new public defenders to practice asking the "right" questions in order to weed out potential jury members who would not be good for their client.  That's one of my feel-good gigs.

I sent in 2 self-tapes for local theaters and it felt good to do some "live" work, if only to practice.  I also enjoyed reading with a young actress who reminds me of my younger self (she also happened to play my daughter in a play) :).

My partner has had the more difficult year so far; his mom passed away last month and it's been a tough go in his business during the pandemic, which is only now recovering, but problems still linger.  He's made me proud as he keeps fighting for what he loves to do.  I hope his business regimen rubs off on me, as I think my commitment to exercise has been rubbing off on him.  

We took some time to relax last month.  It was my first visit to Mexico:










Enough chatter!  

Audiobook News:

*I'm soooooo excited to take the 21 Challenges class with Matthew Lloyd Davies via  I only wish it started this month. . .

*December New Release: World Dominating Leadership for Women by Danielle Lavallee Wasson & Nathalie Sasseville! It was the 3rd book I've been honored to narrate for their publishing company, Yellow Rouge Publishing.  It is an empowering book for women leaders with detailed advice and a terrific opportunity for me to get motivated moving forward with my own actor/narrator business!

*I've committed to recording a new public domain book with Spoken Realms.  Last fall, my boyfriend and I visited the Chicago Magic Lounge (secret-must-see-gem in Chicago).  A month later, I came across a few books written by Harry Houdini and the title of one caught my eye.  I'm excited for my proofer to give me some feedback (she's also a theatre director) and hoping my new tech skills can make it pass muster.


*December:  I coached with Carol Monda for a project that's been on my mind for over a year now.  It's a book written in the 30's and not yet in audio, but I'm seeking out the right's holder and hoping they'll agree it should be in libraries & available world wide.  Either way, I was excited to get a couple of new samples out of our sessions.  She was fantastic and I plan to work with her again!


Not a lot happening here, but my agent just sent me a commercial audition, always a good sign.  I'm also taking advantage of our local SAG-AFTRA offerings as well as online Foundation workshops to keep up my skills and trends.


I've seen a couple of terrific shows recently; Anna in the Tropics at Remy Bumpo and The Kelly Girls at Factory Theater. I'm also looking forward to The Threepenny Opera at Theo Ubique, where I worked in admin for about 6 years (even though I've never been a musical theatre actress).  And as mentioned above, I am sending in self-tapes when I fit the part, want to work with the company and have an open schedule (which I didn't have last year with trips/travel/side jobs coming back).  

Hope this finds you savoring your favorite tasty beverage on a relaxing day!


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