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I'm between jobs right now, which is the hardest part of an actor's life, as I've got nothing in the works.  Auditions have been coming, so I know the CD's still want to see/hear me.  Just need to start booking. . .


Keeping up momentum & my self-esteem is part of the hurdle, so I'm going to list a few recent accomplishments over the last 2 weeks:

1.  Administered an IV of fluid to a dog we were fostering.  She had an Upper Respiratory Infection and was dehydrated.  It took me about an hour of YouTube videos, but I did it!  Unfortunately, we had to take her back, as her health was still declining and the 2 flights of metal stairs outside to our apartment were a little much for her.

2.  Started a French class!  There are only 3 of us adult students with a teacher, from France, who seems pretty adept at getting people to speak the language. . . I feel like my brain is literally expanding.

3.  I reached out to a publisher who holds the rights to a book on behalf of another entity; it's an old biography that I would love to see in audio and moreover, would love to narrate it.  I first reached out to them last summer and heard back from them a few times, but the subject dropped and I did not check-in after getting busy with a few books.  With some encouragement from fellow narrators and mentors, I checked-in with the publisher earlier this month, as it is still not in audio.  This is a work-in-progress. . .

So, I know I can do the hard things.  Currently, I'm narrating and producing a short public domain book and sending out more reach outs!!!  I can do this.

Audiobook NEWS:

Current Project:  I'm on the hunt for a new audiobook project!  

*Had an awesome opportunity through PANA to read for Allison Light of Simon & Schuster and the following day, had a Meet the Producers session for the APA, where I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Essex of Hachette.  It was a big week for audiobook business, as I'm still catching up on my APAC videos.  


December release!  I was delighted that indie author, Angelika Hofmann (aka Audrey Fitzgerald), asked me to work on Quick and Simple Chair Exercises for Seniors; a follow-up to her Q&S Chair Yoga for Seniors.  I love fitness & leading a healthy lifestyle, so I have enjoyed narrating her books, as they teach seniors techniques & wellness tips to promote good health in later years.


December Release and New Producer!  I was thrilled to work my first job with Fireside Audio!  Kennedy L. Mitchell chose me from an audition for her book; Cherished by the Agent!  It is a suspenseful romance with a HEA and plenty of heat, so I gave it to my pseudonym, Daryl Hix.  I didn't use a pseudonym when I first started narrating, but have since decided it will be a guide for the books that get steamy or violent, as listeners of my other books can take note, Daryl Hix does dark & steamy. ;0


November Release, Returning publisher & new Producer!  I can't tell you how excited I was to get an audition from Outloud Audio (first time working with them) on behalf of Brilliance Publishing, of whom I worked with years ago, before I understood anything about the industry.  Olivia Miles' picked me from their auditions for her new book, A Wedding in Driftwood Cove.  It was my 4th book with her, having recorded her Blue Harbor series last year.  She writes sweet, relaxing women's fiction with a touch of romance and a load of humor.  It was so much fun to perform!

Returning Indie Author!  Kristy McGinnis is a brilliant indie writer of whom I had the pleasure of working with on her debut book:  Ellipsis.  I connect so much with her writing and was elated when she contacted me.  She weaves complicated characters and emotional story lines with ease in Motion of Intervals, newly released in October.


October Release  Early Autumn by Louis Bromfield! I  was thrilled to find this gem in the public domain with no audio yet!  It won the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 1927.  I hope I gave it the justice it deserves; it was challenging and OH SO MUCH FUN!!!  Erin Dunn designed this gorgeous cover!  









I am grateful to Spoken Realms, who published it with me, and to Karen Commins for all her advice in her on producing works in the public domain.

Theatre NEWS:

A dear friend and talented Chicago theatre director, Spencer Diedrick, asked me to perform in a short off-night workshop of The Delivery by Charlotte Jung.  Years ago, Spencer & I collaborated on my first and only "devised" play, Sweet Sixteen Extravaganza!, where the acting ensemble used improv to construct a play based on the ideas brought by him and members of the ensemble.  There were some awesome stage pics, that I'll be adding to my Actor Reels page.  I hope to work with the both of them in the future. . .


TV/Film/Commercial NEWS:   

Lastly, I'm grateful to my agents at Lily's Talent who booked me my first commercial last summer.  I'm also thrilled that production has started in Chicago again.  Hopefully, I'll get to jump into a few of those opportunities this year!

Hope this finds you drinking a beverage that makes you happy,


Early Autumn by Louis Bromfield audiobook cover
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