Moving right along in 2021!


I'm in between shots!  Due for the 2nd shot at the end of April and sooooo ready for it. The news today about the J&J pause is a real bummer.  I'm working with a volunteer group setting up a 1-day clinic for April 30th and hoping to sign up 1,000 people on the west side of Chicago, but of course, we're using the J&J vaccination.  I really hope this doesn't make people reluctant to get it; I've had several friends receive the J&J and have spoken to many who are attracted to the "one & done" aspect.  We'll see what happens.


In professional news, I'm anxiously awaiting the audiobook release of Ellipsis by Kristy McGinnis. This is her debut novel and I am so honored to be voicing it.  It is among the best books I've had the privilege to narrate so far.  Hope to see it on listening shelves soon!

I had an amazing narration coaching session with Tanya Eby last month.  It helped so much to get some feedback on my samples and just have an outside eye/ear to chat about goals and how to approach them.

New headshots are on the horizon!!!  Looking forward to my session with Ian Mclaren at the end of April.  :)

I desperately miss theatre. . .

A few other new things over the past pandemic year:

New Website!!  

I added short video clips and am featuring new Audiobooks on my homepage. 


Speaking of narration coaches, I was delighted to study with the non-fiction/business guru, Sean Pratt, a title completely befitting of him.  I hope to continue more with more of his classes in the future.  Highly recommend!

To keep my self-tape and live acting skills sharp, I took an AMAZING class with The Forge  working with casting directors around the country, as well as a couple of Chicago casting directors I’ve never met.  Cannot say enough good things about it!

I’ve been grateful to SAG-AFTRA for providing some terrific online classes through the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Locally, the SAG-AFTRA Chicago Kaufherr Center, along with The Acting Studio Chicago has had BRILLIANT  webinars interviewing our Chicago casting directors, creative artists and administrators in the industry.  I hope all Chicago actors have been taking advantage of as many of these as they can!

I might cry when I finally see industry friends in the flesh again. So if there happens to be an in-person job soon, hopefully that red-puffy-eyed look will fit my character.

Hoping this finds you safe and calmly chugging your favorite beverage~AmyJ

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