It's a New Year, yayyyy!!!!


The new studio has arrived!!!!!!  We put together my new StudioBricks, then I promptly caught Covid. . .glad I didn't have any books due.  Finally getting my voice back, so I'm excited to audition in the tardis.


In December, Sheila Grinell, the author of a book I narrated this summer: The Contract, contacted me to talk about my process narrating her book!  I was thrilled to hear from her, as you don't always get a chance to talk to the author.  It was a fascinating novel about an architectural team developing a children's museum in Saudi Arabia.  I loved the book and it was a delight talking to her; particularly getting my own questions answered.  ;)

My first published work with Spoken Realms, narrating The Story of My Life by Helen Keller, was released in November!  I love reading biographies & autobiographies, but had yet to narrate one.   It was a personal project under public domain and was a pleasure to undertake. We went wide with distribution, as it was important to me to make the unabridged version of her book (including her letters, Anne Sullivan's reports & letters, and the editor's commentary, which give a full understanding of how Helen was taught) accessible in libraries and through affordable audiobook memberships.  I hope that it leads others to google down rabbit holes of curiosity, as it did me.  My rabbit hole led me to learning about Deaf, Blind, and Deafblind authors of today, and I look forward to checking out books like this one by Elsa Sjunneson:  Being Seen.

This fall, I was grateful to take part of the return to in-person theatre in Chicago as an understudy for the 2 person play; This Wide Night, a collaboration of Shattered Globe Theatre & !nterrobang Theatre.  It was the kind of theatre I love to watch and it was a pleasure to work on.


In February, I am looking forward to a Demo Reel Camp with The Forge!  I'm excited to work with them and add some solid new film scenes to show off next spring.

Hoping this finds you happy and calmly chugging your favorite beverage!