One track mind. . .


In 2 weeks I'm going on my first vacation in 9 years (if you don't count 2 years of the pandemic, it's only been 7).  Sure, I've had short trips home for the holidays, visits to friends/family, work trips, weekend get-aways, but this is the first VACATION lasting over 5 days with no obligations attached. . . it's all I can think about.

Audiobook News:

* I just finished Book 3 in the Blue Harbor series by Olivia Miles with Orange Sky Audio.  I was so exited to get this series and hope listeners enjoy the books as much as I did narrating them.

* This week, I will be a moderator for a Studio Jam with the Kauffherr Center (the SAG-AFTRA local center) for audiobooks!  I'm so excited to work with some local actors interested in narrating audiobook pieces.  The Chicago local SAG-AFTRA is how I got my start; attending workshops at the Kauffherr Center several years ago, so I'm delighted to give back!

* Maybe because my new StudioBricks is so amazing that all I have to focus on is the story and my voice, but I was constantly in my head while narrating the first 2 books in the above-mentioned series. Finally, I signed up for a coaching session with Ron Butler.  My only regret was not doing it sooner.  He was wonderful; I will be going to him again!


* In May, I participated in a terrific Historical Fiction workshop with  Andi Arndt and J.D. Jackson were both so generous with their tips and experience, it made me glad I signed up.

* The Castle of Teskom by Kim Malaj was released in June.  I enjoyed adding this fantasy/ "magical realism" novel to my resume.  She found me via the new Findaway Voices Marketplace platform.


* NEW DEMO REEL!!! (on my home page) My reels were getting old and TV/film in Chicago is the busiest it's been while I've lived here.  So I signed up for a demo camp with The Forge to get some new footage.  They were highly organized and professional-- I highly recommend it to Chicago actors looking to update or add footage for Casting Directors to see your work.  A professional colleague/friend assisted in cutting the 6 minutes of footage down to the meat of what is useful, i.e. "short" for a CD's limited time.  I added some of my professional TV scenes to tie in a little street-cred and I'm really happy with the finished product.


* There have been a couple of staged readings this summer and a bigger one in the fall, to which I'm like Pavlov's Dog when friends call and ask if I want to read. . .um, YES, PLEASE!!!  Theatre in Chicago is in a rough spot, so I'm just happy to practice any way I can and send in the periodic audition. However, I've gotten out to see a show almost once/week and posting on the Instagram when I see some great stuff!

Hope you're having a fabulous August and calmly chugging your favorite beverage!