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A bit of an introvert, working in audiobooks was a natural extension of Amy’s acting background.  Her dad (a truck driver and an avid reader) is picky about his narrators, giving her incentive to keep honing her skills and be the kind of storyteller he would enjoy . . . even if he’s not into romance novels.   

Amy is a member of the APA (Audiobook Publishers Association), has an in-home studio, and is currently working with the non-fiction/business coach, Sean Pratt.  She has narrated around 40 titles in various genres with a few different publishers (Complete book list/resume).  Amy’s full name is quite common, so she started narrating under Carolyn A. Lee in 2018.  While she hasn’t retired the name yet, she may continue to use Carolyn for YA books in the future.

4F, 1st POVUnder Carolyn A. Lee
00:00 / 01:15

YA Fantasy, from Crown Princess Academy by A.J. Flowers

The Academy's newest student is razzed by her snooty classmates and teacher.

2F, Southern Accent, 3rd POVUnder Amy J. Johnson
00:00 / 01:05

Sci-fi, from The Creators by Rick Moscovitz

This is the 3rd book in the trilogy: Brink of Life (I also narrated the 2nd in the series).  The characters in each book slowly discover their real histories and try to stop the dangerous threat to humanity.

M/F dialogue, 3rd POVUnder Amy Johnson
00:00 / 01:01

Romance, from Fantasy Football, by Amber Marler

Matt, a courteous driver/hunky football player, happens upon Sloan, a sexy and ticked off driver with a flat tire and late for her first day of work.

2M/1F, 3rd POV, Gangster run-inUnder Amy Johnson
00:00 / 01:34

Romance, from Eluded by Michelle Michaels

Our opposites-attract couple are on the search for the heroine's sister when they  run into a dangerous, but entertaining crew who may have been the last to see her.

Irish witch, her niece & a dragqueenUnder Amy Johnson
00:00 / 01:19

Shifter-Romance, from The Lightening Witch Prophecy by Emily Cyr

Aunt Mil still needs to inform Delaney about her powers and background as a witch, but she isn't a big fan of Delaney's flamboyant best friend who enjoys a sense of his own style.

3F, Impressions,1st POVUnder Carolyn A. Lee
00:00 / 01:39

Fiction, from Slumberland by Bradley Carter

Our heroine wakes up in a hospital to a familar TV show playing on TV.  The Iconic TV character impressions were a fun part of this narrative selection.

2M/1F, 3rd POVUnder Amy Johnson
00:00 / 01:26

Mystery/Thriller, from Trapline by Mark Stevens

This book is part of the Allison Coil Mystery Series.  Our heroine stumbles across 2 creepy dudes deep in the forest mountains of Colorado.

2F, French accent, 3rd POVUnder Carolyn A. Lee
00:00 / 01:18

Historical Romance, from The Pearl Brooch by Katherine Lowry Logan

Sophia accidentally sends the wrong message with her fan to Thomas Jefferson, while sitting at the opera with the Marquise de Lafayette.  We learned about the language of the fan in an acting class in grad-school, so I particularly enjoy this scene.

Empathetic, Instructional, InformativeUnder Carolyn A. Lee
00:00 / 01:28

Non-Fiction How-To, Positive Toddler Discipline  by Laura Hall

Straight read, sympathetic and encouraging tips for parents of toddlers.

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