Over the last 5 years, I've been developing my narration skills.  Under my name, Amy Johnson, I have 28 published audiobooks, including Romance, Self-help, Mystery-thrillers, and Fiction. 

I have a new Alias (cue fireworks)!!! “Carolyn A. Lee” is a combination of family names and a bit less commonplace than my actor name. The inaugural book, that I was honored to narrate under this new name is The Pearl Brooch by Katherine Lowry Logan and will be released in April, 2019. I was thrilled to work on this 9th book in her brilliant series. More audiobooks and a separate website is on it’s way. . .

I am a member of the APA (Audiobook Publishers Association) and have an in-home studio. 

Published Audiobook Titles

More Excerpts on Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/amy-jean-johnson




Winner for favorite title of a review is from 21 Day Challenges.  I was worried when the author shared it with me, until I read the content. . .

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A recent review in Goodreads from the Antler Dust, Alison Coil series by Mark Stevens:


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