Munsterspiel! and new Audiobooks!!

I'm thrilled to be working for the first time with The Plagiarists in their world premier of MÜNSTERSPIEL by Gregory Peters.  It is a wild ride back in time (and forward in time) to the Middle Ages with a punk twist; “a dadaist romp through the Reformation Alamo”, if you will. . .

I have 2 new books on the docket:

I’m thrilled to be working on The Pearl Brooch by Katherine Lowry Logan. It is the 9th book in her Celtic Romance series and my first time working with her. I LOVE the historical aspect of her time travel romances and this one is set right in a period of Art history that is also a favorite art period of mine, so my brain is expanding or possibly exploding. . .

Also, because I would like to have a more distinct (perhaps more searchable?) name in the field of narration, I am trying out the name Carolyn A. Lee, so this will be my first book under that Alias.

For the 2nd project, Audible Studios contacted me for a 4th book in the Southern Romance series by Kaylee Ryan, and I am delighted to finish out her series.

Two Audiobooks were finished in the fall:

Eluded by Michelle Michaels. This was an AMAZING first time romance novel by Michelle Michaels. Her sense of humor is a delight and she weaves an opposites-attract story that was a blast to narrate.


The Melancholy Howl by Mark Stevens. This was my 5th book on the Allison Coil Mystery series and it was my favorite. Mark Steven’s writing gets sharper with each book. He handles delicate topics and situations deftly in this book, and as always, makes you feel like you are walking through the mountains of Colorado; smelling the campfires and crisp air as you hike.

And always. . .Auditions, auditions. . .more auditions. . .


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