Amy Johnson Resume


Empire                                        Nurse                                    Paul McCrane, Fox Network

The Year That Changed Us     Sweetie (supporting)        Dir. Kyle Henry, A.O.K. Productions

Fetal Desks                                Health Expert                      The Onion Online

Final Witness                           DeAnn (principal)               Dir. Mora Stephens, ABC Network

Fourplay: Skokie                     Marcie (principal)              Dir. Kyle Henry, A.O.K. Productions

Hers, Theirs, Ours                  Teresa (principal)               Dir. Aaron Greer, Gettin’ Grown Productions

Brewster Northbound           Angie (principal)                 Dir. Marcus Cohlen, www.684brewster.com

The Swing                               Lizzy King (supporting)     Dir. John Versical, Screen Door Inc.

Pearl Diver                              Marion (principal)              Dir. Sidney King, www.pearldivermovie.com


Falling                                    Tami                 Dir. James Yost                             Interrobang Theatre Project, Chicago, IL

Twin Set                                 Betty                         Heather Bodie                       the side project

Push Button Murder           Stacie                        Ronan Marra                         the side project

Hello Failure                         Karen                        Adam Webster                      the side project

A Breeze from the Gulf       Lorraine                   Nelson Rodriguez                 Jubilee Theatre Collective, The Den

Mercury Fur                        The Duchess                           Chad Duda                 Ex-Pats Theatre Co.

The Jammer                       Beth Nutterman, Aurora     Vincent Teninty        Pine Box Theatre Co.

Amelia Earhart                 Amelia Earhart                       Ron Wacholtz             Historical Perspectives for Children

The Wizard of Oz            Wicked Witch of the West      Matthew Powell         Theatre-Hikes

The Present                       Raspberry                                Sarah Greywitt           Grassroots Theatre Project

The Censor                       The Wife                                    Mike Rice                    Ebb & Flow Theatre Co.

People We Know             Dianne                                       Adam Webster          the side project

The Quiltmaker’s Gift     Multi. roles & ASL signer    Dawn Arnold             Moving Dock & Premier Theatre & Perf. Co.

The Final Toast, Sherlock Holmes   Regina/Rose      Mark Bellamy           Int. Mystery Writer’s Fest, Owensboro, KY

The Time of Your Life                       Society Lady        Joe Slowik                Provision Theatre @ The Viaduct, Chicago

The Maids                                             Solange             Matt Trucano             Orion’s Left Foot @ Boho Studio

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs     Lottie (US, performed)         Damon Kiely              American Theatre Company

The Miracle Worker                            Annie Sullivan           Linda LeVeque          Theatre-Hikes

Modigliani                                             Beatrice Hastings     David Soria                 Citadel Theatre, Lake Forest, IL

Neptune’s Kingdom                            Squib                            Ben Hunt                    Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

As You Like It                                      Rosalind                      Ron Wacholtz            Theatre-Hikes

The Chorus Rebellion                         Queen Nitocris/Chorus 2   Paul Kampf                Breadline Theatre

Search and Destroy                             Marie/ Carling                       Josh Polster                 Steep Theatre @ The Chopin