Other bits

Hobbies & other interests:  bike riding, snow skiing, hiking, American Sign Language, volunteering, reading, and an affinity for pets (I’ve had cats, dogs, fish, a frog, anoles, a guinea pig, and a veiled chameleon).  Currently, one pet rules the roost: Phebe, my feline guardian.  Harry, the betta fish, works his tail off for a little attention too.

I’ve been a volunteer at PAWS since September of 2015; playing, cleaning after and adopting out the cats and dogs seeking love and new families.

I joined The Side Project as an associate member in 2013; acting in a handful of shows over the prior 6 years.  Residing in Roger’s Park Chicago for over 15 years, the side project dedicates itself to new works with character driven, thought-provoking stories.